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As it turned out, my new Mistress was the aunt of my old girlfriend and this slave exchange had been arranged for the purpose of allowing my girlfriend to see that the Society was the perfect way to correct the ways of the world. Seeing her old boyfriend that had treated her so badly in the predicament that he was now in made her realize that she readily agreed with the thinking of the Society. It was for this reason that my new Mistress was going to move to the house of my previous Mistress since she was away and my girlfriend would take over my training at this house. My new Mistress would stay and teach her niece a few things for a day or so but then she would leave and I would be alone with my old girlfriend.

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When she entered the room I couldn't believe my eyes. She and my Mistress walked by me and looked me over and then proceeded to the couch. I have never felt so naked and humiliated. After being a slave for over a year now I was used to the people who controlled me to see me in bondage and my slavery but I felt so exposed to have someone from my previous life to see me this way. Especially the person that I used to cheat on. My Mistress ordered me to the kitchen to get drinks and to bring them to them. When I approached the guest with her wine she smiled a rather vengeful smile and then turned away like I didn't exist. As I was about to leave the room my Mistress called me back and made me stand before them. She asked our guest what she thought of her slave and ordered me to turn around so I could be inspected. The bells on my ankles and penis jingled as I moved and turned in a slow circle. I was told to turn away from them and my Mistress pulled the whip from the sheath up my ass and laced the cat across my ass cheeks a couple of times. She then slid it back up the sheath and ordered me to worship our guest's feet. I obeyed and kneeled before her and licked her feet. It had been a long time since I had seen her feet and I was thinking that a year ago I would never have thought of kissing them. That was then and this is now. But I savored the taste of her toes as I washed them with my tongue as ordered. I was then dismissed.

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I was led to my Mistress to be inspected and she smiled as she saw me. The bells ringing and the weights from my balls clanging together as I walked made it rather easy to hear me coming. She walked around me smiling and offered her approval to my jailer and I was led to a place to stand and wait for the guest and well as be offered up for display.

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The mistresses love to display you to their guests looking this way which seems to show that they are a powerful mistress. And you a virile male are completely under their control. My outfit for the special guest tonight was to be the serving tray attached to my chest, and held with instead of the leather fastenings that I had been training all day with, now with red velvet cords with tassels hanging down. A red velvet belt made with a cord was also pulled around my waist and tied, with the ends hanging down my side, also with tassels. A large dildo was slid up my ass and held in place with red cord attached to my belt in the back and looped around my balls in the front. Gold chains were dangled from my balls down about a foot and two weights were hung from them. Red cord encircled each ankle and bells and tassels were hung from them and tassels were also hung from my nipple rings as well as my cock ring. The dildo inside of me was like a sheath and inside of it was a cat of nine tails with the handle protruding outside of me. A red gag was also inserted into my mouth and I was ready.

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Aside from the mistresses love of keeping their slaves naked and vulnerable they also used humiliation as a tool in controlling them. The use of bells on their pierced body parts and the practice of tieing up the slaves balls and displaying the stretched organs in full view was just another act of power. Also dildos were used a lot especially when the end not up the anus was made to stick out as in the tails used in the equestrian outfits. The other thing about the dildos up your ass is that it seems to increase your erection which of course makes your cock stand straight up and if there is a bell or two attached on the ring you seem to look that much more ridiculous and therefore more submissive.

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The next morning I was awakened early and taken to my Mistress who was eating her breakfast. She told me that tonight she was having a special guest over and I was going to be the drink waiter for them and I would start training for it now. I was taken to a room that was wall to wall leather gear and attachments. I was told to get up from my crawling position and to kneel. One wrist was pulled up behind my back and an inch wide strap was attached to it and then the strap was pulled over my shoulder and hung on my chest. The same was done to my other wrist. Then a clear piece of plexiglass about 12 inches by 7 inches was put up to my chest. On one edge was two clips that attached to my nipples and the other edge had a slot that each of the leather straps slipped through and then tied. The plexiglass now became a tray that moved as I moved. Water glasses were put on it and I could feel their weight on my nipples. I was told to walk as trained up on my toes and to walk around the room, making sure not to spill a drop. It took great concentration to keep the glasses steady. I practiced for about an hour and managed not to spill very much although my nipples burned from the weight after the first two minutes. Satisfied that I would perform well enough I was taken back to the room with all the leather gear and outfitted for the evening ahead.

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Finally she stopped and I lay under her mastered and limp. She laughed as she ejected me out of her and she again straddled my face commanding me to clean up the mess that I had made. I sucked her out and licked her clean and swallowed the delicious juices that we had made. She rang for the jailer and I was led back to my small dark cell.

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After she was satisfied that she was not dripping wet anymore she took me to the bed and fastened me down spreadeagle and blindfolded. Then she straddled my face and I buried my tongue into her sweet hole going deeper that I thought I ever could. I tried to push it to the very top of her pussy hole. I lashed out with my tongue to her engorged clit and licked and sucked her until she cried out again and again. She then lowered her dripping wet cavern over the top of my cock and dropped all her weight onto it. It hungrily devoured my cock, bathing it in scalding female juice and the lust that she was feeling. She rode me like a prize horse rocking my tied body up and down as her pussy ravaged my throbbing cock. I cried out to her as my come shot from my cock into her body but she would not stop, again showing who was in control. This caused me to keep on coming as her pussy seemed to suck out all that I had in my body.

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She then placed them onto my lips and into my mouth. I sucked the spicy juice off them and licked her fingers clean. She did it again only this time as she placed them into my mouth she cracked a whip across my bare ass. I closed my eyes and absorbed the pain in order to get all of her juices. She continued this for a few minutes sometimes making me try to reach her hand, as I struggled with my bonds to get to her. Every time her fingers entered my mouth the whip struck. Every time I sucked her fingers the whip struck again. The control she had over me was so complete and so delicious, I hoped it would never end.

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Soon she was moaning as her fingers rubbed her swollen clit and her other hand pinched her hard nipples. I was as hard as a rock, watching her and she enjoyed seeing me like that. Finally she cried out as the pleasure rocked her body, and her toes curled together and then flexed out apart as the waves washing over her subsided. She lay before me smiling up at me. Then she stood up and came to me. She started to pull me by my hard cock but since my feet were fastened together I could barely move. Then she put two of her fingers into her pussy and brought them out all wet.

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As it turned out it was the one who gave me the most severe whipping. I was taken to her room and tied up on my toes with my wrists fastened overhead. When she got to the room, she smiled at me and proceeded to remove her clothes. She did a strip tease until she was completely naked and then she rubbed her beautiful body all over my stretched out naked skin. She brought her tits up for me to suck and she caressed my cock and balls as well as everywhere else. She then turned me around so I could face the bed and she crawled onto the satin sheets and puffed up the pillows and proceeded to slowly caress and masturbate herself. It drove me wild watching her body and face react to the pleasure. I longed to lick and kiss her and of course to fuck her, hurting her a little for the whipping she gave me.

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I was
rolled over on my back so that my legs would spread far enough
apart. Then the electric switch was pushed and I started to climb
up in the air, feet first. When my head was about two feet off
the floor the motor stopped. My wrists were then stretched to
ring bolts in the floor leaving me hung spreadeagle upside down.

The women proceeded to draw lots to see who got to whip me first.
I was gagged so that their fun would not be interrupted by my
making a sound. With that, the first lady got up and started the
evenings festivities, landing a riding crop on every part of my
exposed body that she thought would make me writhe for her. The
rest cheered her on as again and again the whip found its mark.
They all took their turns and finally about an hour later I hung
in silence as they went to have a nightcap and bid for who got me
for the night.

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The arriving guests consisted of 4 women who entered the room and barely paid any attention to me. They talked and drank wine and ate hors'douvres off of my back. Occasionally someone would make some comment about me but generally the conversation was about the usual things women talk about. Finally the glass was removed and I was crawled over to the center of the room. From the ceiling a device was lowered electrically and stopped just above me. It consisted of a metal rod about 6 feet long, hung horizontally from a large chain. On the ends of the rod were 8 inch long chains with leather cuffs attached. As I knelt there my ankle cuffs were removed and these new ones were attached.

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She informed me that her guests would be arriving in a few minutes and that tonight I would used for a coffee table. I was taken to in front of the couch and in the same crawling position told not to move. Leather cuffs were put around the tops of each thigh and my ankle cuffs were brought up and attached. My wrist cuffs were fastened together with a ten inch chain. My nose ring was attached to my cock ring, pulling my head down. And then a large piece of glass was put on my back and was supported by my feet, my back and my shoulders. Satisfied that I was presentable I was left alone, trying to get comfortable, for the ordeal ahead.

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When we reached the living room I was led to my Mistress' feet and I kissed them. With my head still on the floor she said that in this house rules were as follows. I was to serve as her foot slave only, most of the time I would be trained as an object on display and used as a table or chair. During all of my waking hours I would be put to use. Every evening, since she entertained a lot and had overnight guests, I would be used as entertainment and whipped for their pleasure. If any of her quests wished I would be taken to their rooms later where they could do as they wished with me.