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Dominant houswife

When we reached the living room I was led to my Mistress’ feet
and I kissed them. With my head still on the floor she said that
in this house rules were as follows. I was to serve as her foot
slave only, most of the time I would be trained as an object on
display and used as a table or chair. During all of my waking
hours I would be put to use. Every evening, since she entertained
a lot and had overnight guests, I would be used as entertainment
and whipped for their pleasure. If any of her quests wished I
would be taken to their rooms later where they could do as they
wished with me.

Hubby In Bondage

No sooner had I arrived home when Melanie, the neighbor and now my
mistress, was at my door. She quickly got down to business, telling me
that she knew I was not married and that she had never seen any women
enter or leave my apartment. She ask about my fetish saying that she
had a few herself. I somewhat sheepishly confessed that since my
college days I have enjoyed wearing certain feminine products. I
described how the soft cotton of a sanitary napkin against my balls was
wonderful and how going out in public with a Kotex between my legs and
a Tampax up my ass would keep my cock hard for. She was so easy to
talk too and so understanding. She did not try and put me down for my
fetish and I soon confessed to other little quirk I had. I told her
that I sometimes wore women lace panties and that the sanitary napkins
kept me from staining them when I would suddenly have a climax just
thinking about women wearing them too.