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Mistress makes her slave eat cum

mistress domination

When she entered the room I couldn’t believe my eyes. She and my
Mistress walked by me and looked me over and then proceeded to
the couch. I have never felt so naked and humiliated. After being
a slave for over a year now I was used to the people who
controlled me to see me in bondage and my slavery but I felt so
exposed to have someone from my previous life to see me this way.
Especially the person that I used to cheat on.

My Mistress ordered me to the kitchen to get drinks and to bring
them to them. When I approached the guest with her wine she
smiled a rather vengeful smile and then turned away like I didn’t
exist. As I was about to leave the room my Mistress called me
back and made me stand before them. She asked our guest what she
thought of her slave and ordered me to turn around so I could be
inspected. The bells on my ankles and penis jingled as I moved
and turned in a slow circle. I was told to turn away from them
and my Mistress pulled the whip from the sheath up my ass and
laced the cat across my ass cheeks a couple of times. She then
slid it back up the sheath and ordered me to worship our guest’s
feet. I obeyed and kneeled before her and licked her feet. It had
been a long time since I had seen her feet and I was thinking
that a year ago I would never have thought of kissing them. That
was then and this is now. But I savored the taste of her toes as
I washed them with my tongue as ordered. I was then dismissed.

Dominant woman fucks slave

As it turned out it was the one who gave me the most severe
whipping. I was taken to her room and tied up on my toes with my
wrists fastened overhead. When she got to the room, she smiled at
me and proceeded to remove her clothes. She did a strip tease
until she was completely naked and then she rubbed her beautiful
body all over my stretched out naked skin. She brought her tits
up for me to suck and she caressed my cock and balls as well as
everywhere else. She then turned me around so I could face the
bed and she crawled onto the satin sheets and puffed up the
pillows and proceeded to slowly caress and masturbate herself. It
drove me wild watching her body and face react to the pleasure. I
longed to lick and kiss her and of course to fuck her, hurting
her a little for the whipping she gave me.

First Meeting Sex Story

You walk in warily, not knowing quite what to expect. I say nothing,
just taking your hand and leading you through the doorway. After you
pass, I close the door behind you and throw the bolt.

You jump a bit as the spring latch slams home, and look back at me. I
only smile and wink.

You look around; you’ve never been in my bedroom before. You look at
the mess on the floor, look back at me, but I only shrug and smile.
You watch me light some of the oil lamps, your smile slowly growing on
your face.

I turn off the light and we are bathed in the soft, gentle glow of the

Still standing, I walk over to you and gaze into your eyes.
Nonchalantly, almost flippantly, I take off my glasses and drop them
on the dresser. Easily, oh so easily, I put my arms around your
waist, and you put your arms around my neck.

Gently, hesitantly, we kiss.

Softly your l Continue reading First Meeting Sex Story

slave boy dominated by 2 sexy mistress

today we are back with some slave boy.
For all you guys that ever got drunk in a bar made an ass of yourself by hitting on and grabbing some girl’s ass, let this update be a lesson for you. Nomad wakes up the next day and finds himself hung-over, in a strange place, and at the mercy of two very mean, pissed off and horny bitches. Harmony and Penny Flame take out all their aggression towards those drunken assholes in the bar on the hapless Nomad, and they get off doing it.

He is tied up, sadistically beaten, fucked in his tight ass, slapped, and used for their sadistic sexual pleasure.

When his raging hard cock is finally forced to cum, he is made to squirt in their hands …then they feed him with his own cum.
Absolutely fucking guy humiliating and totally hot if you like to watch for guys got fucked buy beautifull women

Mistress Sativa Rose electo shoock her boyfrind cock

Good Mistress Sativa Rose puts the juice to nomad in this typically sexy as hell update. She electro shocks the shit out of his cock but makes it slightly all better with some special oral sucking attention from her soft lips and super sexy mouth. The electro sex continues through restrictive bondage, ass worship and finishes off with nomad tied to a filthy mattress for the dream fuck of his year.

Slave Of Two Ladies

Brenda and Becky have started a house cleaning service.. they are both
young and very pretty.. but rather tall girls.. Brenda is 5’9″ 145 blonde,
blue eyes and Becky is 5’10” 150 brown hair and eyes.
They started cleaning my apartment several weeks ago and in the
process found some of my books on bondage and female domination…as
well as some of my notes from various telecomm companies
(conversations saved from online meetings). They were real cool about
these things and didn’t let me know they had found them until it was
too late… Continue reading Slave Of Two Ladies