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Muscle slave in heavy bondage

male slavemale slave bondage
Aside from the mistresses love of keeping their slaves naked and
vulnerable they also used humiliation as a tool in controlling
them. The use of bells on their pierced body parts and the
practice of tieing up the slaves balls and displaying the
stretched organs in full view was just another act of power. Also
dildos were used a lot especially when the end not up the anus
was made to stick out as in the tails used in the equestrian
outfits. The other thing about the dildos up your ass is that it
seems to increase your erection which of course makes your cock
stand straight up and if there is a bell or two attached on the
ring you seem to look that much more ridiculous and therefore
more submissive.

Slave boy

Soon she was moaning as her fingers rubbed her swollen clit and
her other hand pinched her hard nipples. I was as hard as a rock,
watching her and she enjoyed seeing me like that. Finally she
cried out as the pleasure rocked her body, and her toes curled
together and then flexed out apart as the waves washing over her
subsided. She lay before me smiling up at me. Then she stood up
and came to me. She started to pull me by my hard cock but since
my feet were fastened together I could barely move. Then she put
two of her fingers into her pussy and brought them out all wet.

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The arriving guests consisted of 4 women who entered the room and
barely paid any attention to me. They talked and drank wine and
ate hors’douvres off of my back. Occasionally someone would make
some comment about me but generally the conversation was about
the usual things women talk about. Finally the glass was removed
and I was crawled over to the center of the room. From the
ceiling a device was lowered electrically and stopped just above
me. It consisted of a metal rod about 6 feet long, hung
horizontally from a large chain. On the ends of the rod were 8
inch long chains with leather cuffs attached. As I knelt there my
ankle cuffs were removed and these new ones were attached.

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She informed me that her guests would be arriving in a few
minutes and that tonight I would used for a coffee table. I was
taken to in front of the couch and in the same crawling position
told not to move. Leather cuffs were put around the tops of each
thigh and my ankle cuffs were brought up and attached. My wrist
cuffs were fastened together with a ten inch chain. My nose ring
was attached to my cock ring, pulling my head down. And then a
large piece of glass was put on my back and was supported by my
feet, my back and my shoulders. Satisfied that I was presentable
I was left alone, trying to get comfortable, for the ordeal

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The walls are covered in mirrors and I glanced at my reflection as I
walked along, completely naked, and the bells ringing in rhythm to my
footsteps. My chest protruded because of my arms bound behind my back,
and my erect cock swayed back and forth. I could see how these women
found it erotic to see a male so completely under their control. For
many years males had controlled women and now we were being repaid with
a vengeance. The problem is that seeing myself like this, a part of me
likes the feeling of serving these beautiful creatures.

My jailer trailed close behind me. She was dressed in a red and black
leather outfit with hightop leather boots. Her in her leather and me in
mine. What a contrast. Making sure my progress was to her liking, and
that I was high on my toes, she laced her whip across my ass every few
We entered the mirrored elevator and she pushed the button for the main
floor. When the door opened, I was forced out into a huge room occupied
by six to eight women standing around talking and sipping glasses of
wine. They all turned to look at me as I was marched into the center of
the room.