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Male slave bdsm

male slave fucked
Upon arrival at her home, a large sprawling mansion out in the
country, I was again put in the walking position and led by a
large black female jailer to my new quarters.
These quarters, unlike the ones that I was used to, were small
and very dark. The bed was small and had a large ring over the
pillows with wrist cuffs attached. There was a toilet and a small
shower. That was about all. I was told to clean myself up and I
would be reporting to my new Mistress in a half hour. I missed my
old home immediately, and the comfort that it provided. In
exactly a half hour my jailer arrived. She told me to assume the
crawling position and informed me that in this house I would
always be transported in that position. A leash was attached to
my collar and another one was attached to my ball collar. I was
told to heel and we made our way to the main livingroom for me to
be inspected. As usual as I crawled, her whip found its mark on
my bare ass as we went.

Male slave recieves punishment

slaves taught discipline
On the day I was transported I was led in the usual manner to my
new Mistresses limousine. I was placed on the floor in the large
back seat, in a crawling position. My wrists and ankles were
attached to rings in the floor of the car. My collar was attached
by a chain to a ring on the door, and my balls were looped and a
chain attached to a ring on the other door. Of course I could not
move. I was offered my new Mistresses beautiful feet to worship
while we traveled. I was also used as a footstool on the two hour

Men In Bondage

A little over a year ago, I had been a fairly successful ad executive,
working all day and hanging out in singles bars all night. I had a
steady girlfriend but I used her mainly for sex and only paid attention
to her when I was horny. One night while I was out on the town, I was
picked by a woman who invited me back to her apartment. Naturally I
went and when settled in and she gave me a drink. The drink was drugged
and when I awoke I was naked and laying in a steel cage. After many
hours I was given some food and as I found out it too was drugged.

When I was awakened I was immediately blindfolded and led to a large
room. I was tied hand and foot and a rope was fastened around my neck.
Then the blindfold was taken off. Beside me, in a long row were about
ten other men. We were all standing tall with our hands behind our
backs, and a noose around our necks. If we tried to move were were only
strangling ourselves. After a while a group of women filed and began to
look us over. If we spoke our noose was lifted and were pulled up
higher onto our toes. We quickly got the idea to keep our mouths shut
while the women prodded us and grabbed us by the balls.

Mistress Sandra Dominating

Sexy Mistress Sandra Romain’s command of the male anatomy is made painfully clear as she casually hangs weights from her humble prisoner’s stretched cock and balls during her interrogation. She is mercilessly taunting and sexy, and leaves the poor boy straining to find the words to please the demanding Mistress. Of course, no words suffice. She moves him into a position to receive her cock in his ass, but not before beating his butts to a ripe cherry color. His moans and pleading are met with a brutal ass fucking, and when she tires of this, she uses his face and cock for her pleasure and performs a little face-sitting. After the prisoner helplessly spills his load all over her beautiful tits, she forces him to lick her pussy clean and leaves him lapping up the last drops of semen from the spanking bench.