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Two slaves fuck under mistress supervision

slave games
I was led to my Mistress to be inspected and she smiled as she
saw me. The bells ringing and the weights from my balls clanging
together as I walked made it rather easy to hear me coming. She
walked around me smiling and offered her approval to my jailer
and I was led to a place to stand and wait for the guest and well
as be offered up for display.

Slave boy tortured in all ways possible

A while passed and suddenly my Mistress entered the room followed by
the rest of the women. They were dressed for business. All wore leather
halters and outfits sure to make a man shrink. Unfortunatly for me I
just got harder. They circled me and my Mistress announced she was
going to give a lecture on how to properly whip a male slave. She began
with a riding crop and continued with a cat-o-nine-tails. I was ordered
to count her strokes and was crying out after the first ten. She
continued, expertly finding places to intensify the pain.

After about eighty, I hung before them limp and soaked. To finish up,
she gave them each a turn of five each. Finally I was released form
suspension and given some water. No sooner had I devoured it, I was
retied with my wrists up behind my back again and my ankles hobbled.
I was informed that I was going to walk the gauntlet. Two lines of
women were formed, four on each side and they spread at least an arms
width apart. At one end was my Mistress and the other my jailer. I was
ordered to walk high on my toes towards my Mistress and when I got
there she would place a clothes pin on my body. I was then to turn
around and walk back to my jailer who did the same thing. This was to
repeat until all the clothes pins were attached to my body. To make
matters worse as I walked back and forth between the lines of women
they took turns in whipping me as I passed them, each taking a turn at
marking my body. To the delight of the guests, this torture carried on
for what seemed like hours, until I carrying with me all the clothes
pins. My nipples and my balls were screaming for relief.

Society for women

This Society of Women meet about once a month, and judging from all the
hustle and bustle around her today, I’d say that tonight’s the night.
If tonight follows the last meetings, I will be the entertainment, and
will be displayed for a couple of hours, then they will take me to the
games room for their further enjoyment.

When my jailer returned and entered my cell, I immediately dropped to
my knees and kissed her feet. Failure to show this kind of respect to a
female results in severe punishment in the punishment room. While
kneeling before her, I was collared with a collar with a number of
rings in it, and it was locked on. Then wrist and ankle cuffs were
locked on. My wrists were drawn up behind my back and attached to my
collar. My ankles cuffs were attached together and locked. A leather
collar was snapped around my balls and tightened and locked. To make
the package complete, small bells were hung from the rings in my
nipples and the ring in my cock. I was now ready for the journey to
where the festivities would take place.

Female Rules For Her Slave

Falling immediately to my knees I began:

1) I must wear a Kotex and have a Tampax up my ass at all times.
2) During her period, I will wear Melanie’s used Kotex or Tampax.
3) During non-work hours, I must change Melanie’s protection for her.
4) I will lick her pussy on command until it is clean.
5) I will receive an enema at the beginning and end of her period.
6) I will not be allowed to cum unless Melanie jerks me off.
7) I will only be allowed to wear feminine clothes while fucking
8) From then on, I must put on my slave feminine articles, douches,
Tampax, and vaginal lubricants.

Melanie said that if I broke any of the rules I would be punished. And
if I refused to carry out any command she would probably dismiss me as
her slave never to see her again.