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mistress for two bisexuals
The mistresses love to display you to their guests looking this
way which seems to show that they are a powerful mistress. And
you a virile male are completely under their control.
My outfit for the special guest tonight was to be the serving
tray attached to my chest, and held with instead of the leather
fastenings that I had been training all day with, now with red
velvet cords with tassels hanging down. A red velvet belt made
with a cord was also pulled around my waist and tied, with the
ends hanging down my side, also with tassels. A large dildo was
slid up my ass and held in place with red cord attached to my
belt in the back and looped around my balls in the front. Gold
chains were dangled from my balls down about a foot and two
weights were hung from them. Red cord encircled each ankle and
bells and tassels were hung from them and tassels were also hung
from my nipple rings as well as my cock ring. The dildo inside of
me was like a sheath and inside of it was a cat of nine tails
with the handle protruding outside of me. A red gag was also
inserted into my mouth and I was ready.

Slave whipped

After she was satisfied that she was not dripping wet anymore she
took me to the bed and fastened me down spreadeagle and
blindfolded. Then she straddled my face and I buried my tongue
into her sweet hole going deeper that I thought I ever could. I
tried to push it to the very top of her pussy hole. I lashed out
with my tongue to her engorged clit and licked and sucked her
until she cried out again and again. She then lowered her
dripping wet cavern over the top of my cock and dropped all her
weight onto it. It hungrily devoured my cock, bathing it in
scalding female juice and the lust that she was feeling. She rode
me like a prize horse rocking my tied body up and down as her
pussy ravaged my throbbing cock. I cried out to her as my come
shot from my cock into her body but she would not stop, again
showing who was in control. This caused me to keep on coming as
her pussy seemed to suck out all that I had in my body.

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The arriving guests consisted of 4 women who entered the room and
barely paid any attention to me. They talked and drank wine and
ate hors’douvres off of my back. Occasionally someone would make
some comment about me but generally the conversation was about
the usual things women talk about. Finally the glass was removed
and I was crawled over to the center of the room. From the
ceiling a device was lowered electrically and stopped just above
me. It consisted of a metal rod about 6 feet long, hung
horizontally from a large chain. On the ends of the rod were 8
inch long chains with leather cuffs attached. As I knelt there my
ankle cuffs were removed and these new ones were attached.


It was not my first party. I had been to five or six others, or should
I say I entertained at them. My jailer came by to tell me the
preparations would begin in a few minutes. Right on schedule, the slave
girls arrived and were let into my cell. I was bathed, shaved and
scrubbed in silence, and they were ushered out, leaving me alone with
my thoughts.

Since arriving here about a year ago, my life has drastically change,
to say the least. Thanks to my jailer I am stronger and more muscular,
and I’m sure that my old friends would never recognise me. For one
thing, I have no hair anywhere on my entire body. I have rings pierced
through my nose, nipples and penis. I have not worn clothes for the
entire time of my captivity. I live in a rather large cell situated in
the center of a equally large room. My walls are iron bars, so that I
may be constantly watched. My cell has two cameras to that follow me
wherever I move to. I have a large bed, a chair, a TV, a toilet and a
sunken shower and tub. It sounds luxurious, but being under this
constant scrutiny leaves one feeling very naked and violated.

Mistress Harmony Rose

Mistress Harmony has a kept pet that she takes out to play with when she is feeling mean and horny. Melanie then reattached the Kotex to my belt and dressed me up in a
beautiful pair of panties, stocking, a bra with falsities and a dress.
I then went to work cleaning up the apartment, knowing that in less
than four hours I would be change her again. She said that this time I
would have to insert a Tampax into her vagina but that she would need
to cleaned up first.