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Isis Love The Ultimate Mistress

A smile came over the face of my Mistress as I was led to her. As
trained I dropped to my knees and kissed her feet. She attached a leash
to my balls and led me crawling around the room to kiss the feet of the
other guests. She then jerked me back up onto my toes and she led me
around the room so everyone could see me. She then handed me back to
the jailer who led me to a pedestal, about a foot off the floor. I was
placed on it standing high on my toes, and my nose ring was attached to
a chain above me and pulled up even higher, obviously with my nose high
in the air. A leather bit was jammed into my mouth, and on each side
protruding out about six inches was a cloth banner reading ” The
Perfect Male”. The women gather around to inspect me as the pedestal
rotated slowly in a circle, giving them a full view of me. Some of the
women made comments and others just sipped their wine and continued
their conversation. My Mistress announced that if they continued in
their work, that one day all males would be in this predicament and the
world would be a better and safer place.

Four Wives With Their Slaves

This is a story bursting balls and making pussies go wet – dont miss it
I am a dominant wife, and I dearly love to crush the male.
We’ve been married one year. I’m 29 and Gene is 26. I stand
5’10”, measure 37-25-36, and have won several beauty contests.
Gene is 5’7″ and slender, and only his money attracted me. At
age 23, he inherited a thriving business when his parents died;
at 24, he inherited considerable stocks and bonds from an aunt.
When we dated, and I discovered he could be completely dominated,
I decided to share the wealth. He proposed, and learned he would
have to be my slave. He agreed.
Even before the wedding I sought other couples to share fun
and games. I found two perfect pairs. Bill and Ginger are 31;
Don and Phyllis are 30. Each couple is socially prominent and
dedicated to female domination. Bill and Don are big, muscular
men who, unlike Gene, are bisexual. Although I ridicule and
discipline Gene daily, Saturday night he is humiliated and
punished by others. Continue reading Four Wives With Their Slaves

Asian Mistress domiantes slave boy

The very sexy Dragonlily is back and wildbill is her willing victim in a set of sultry dominance that leaves bill begging for release. But first the pain. Dragonlily uses cold steel to stretch his balls and torment his libido, and hard bondage to molest his mouth and throat with a huge dick on a stick. Gagging and drooling, bill begs for a taste of her beautiful tits and she takes pity on him, but quickly turns him over for a brutal ass fucking and torturous hand job.