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Pool table male bondage

she stopped and I lay under her mastered and limp. She laughed as
she ejected me out of her and she again straddled my face
commanding me to clean up the mess that I had made. I sucked her
out and licked her clean and swallowed the delicious juices that
we had made.

She rang for the jailer and I was led back to my small dark cell.

Cuckold hubby

My jailer on the other hand has taken me during the night to her
room and has played with me and fucked me and even allowed me to
come. She doesn’t believe in the women’s society but she does
enjoy having a male toy to play with. She loves to parade me
around while she whips me but she enjoys the power for sexual
reasons, not for some new world order. During my whipping she
also likes to caress me and whip me at the same time so as to
heighten the pain pleasure game she plays, but there is never any
doubt who is in charge and she never lets me forget it.

My Mistress uses me in an entirely different way. To her I am a
slave, to be abused and tortured in any way she likes. She enjoys
tieing me on different apparatuses and adding clips and weights
to me and then leaving me to suffer in front of her. She loves to
see me squirm and suffer in my bondage. To her it is not sexual
it is just raw power. She loves to tie me in ways that one part
of my body when fastened to another part causes great distress.
When I try to move I just pull on another sensitive body part.
She just sits in front of me and sketches me for her magazine.

Male Bondage Story

My slave training began two months ago when my thirty-seven year old
next door neighbor happened to catch me buying my supply of sanitary
napkins and Tampax. Melanie is a sexy looking lady with a dynamite
body. She had just recently moved into the apartment complex where I
live. I found out after becoming her slave that she works as a legal
secretary and was recently divorced. She said her former husband was a
lousy lover. Only caring about his own orgasms and that at first
she had been hurt by his running off with some young slut. She soon
realized that he was the loser, not her. She sold the big fancy house
he had bought her and move to this apartment complex. She said that she
checked out all the single men when she first moved here. I was the
only one that appealed to her and that she was glad that she caught me
that day in the grocery store.