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Cuckold scene

The next morning I was awakened early and taken to my Mistress
who was eating her breakfast. She told me that tonight she was
having a special guest over and I was going to be the drink
waiter for them and I would start training for it now. I was
taken to a room that was wall to wall leather gear and
attachments. I was told to get up from my crawling position and
to kneel. One wrist was pulled up behind my back and an inch wide
strap was attached to it and then the strap was pulled over my
shoulder and hung on my chest. The same was done to my other
wrist. Then a clear piece of plexiglass about 12 inches by 7
inches was put up to my chest. On one edge was two clips that
attached to my nipples and the other edge had a slot that each of
the leather straps slipped through and then tied. The plexiglass
now became a tray that moved as I moved. Water glasses were put
on it and I could feel their weight on my nipples. I was told to
walk as trained up on my toes and to walk around the room, making
sure not to spill a drop. It took great concentration to keep the
glasses steady. I practiced for about an hour and managed not to
spill very much although my nipples burned from the weight after
the first two minutes. Satisfied that I would perform well enough
I was taken back to the room with all the leather gear and
outfitted for the evening ahead.

Dominant woman fucks slave

As it turned out it was the one who gave me the most severe
whipping. I was taken to her room and tied up on my toes with my
wrists fastened overhead. When she got to the room, she smiled at
me and proceeded to remove her clothes. She did a strip tease
until she was completely naked and then she rubbed her beautiful
body all over my stretched out naked skin. She brought her tits
up for me to suck and she caressed my cock and balls as well as
everywhere else. She then turned me around so I could face the
bed and she crawled onto the satin sheets and puffed up the
pillows and proceeded to slowly caress and masturbate herself. It
drove me wild watching her body and face react to the pleasure. I
longed to lick and kiss her and of course to fuck her, hurting
her a little for the whipping she gave me.

Sexy woman domination

She informed me that her guests would be arriving in a few
minutes and that tonight I would used for a coffee table. I was
taken to in front of the couch and in the same crawling position
told not to move. Leather cuffs were put around the tops of each
thigh and my ankle cuffs were brought up and attached. My wrist
cuffs were fastened together with a ten inch chain. My nose ring
was attached to my cock ring, pulling my head down. And then a
large piece of glass was put on my back and was supported by my
feet, my back and my shoulders. Satisfied that I was presentable
I was left alone, trying to get comfortable, for the ordeal

Heavy Male Bondage

With that my Mistress went to check on dinner and I was left to hang in
front of everyone. I could see myself in the mirror as I slowly
circled, and I wondered what they had in store for me after dinner.

When they went in to eat I was left hanging but after about an hour I
was taken down and ordered onto my knees. I was then blindfolded and
led crawling into another room. I was placed between the legs of one of
the women and my head was forced into her pussy. I hungrily licked and
ate her warm wet vagina and clit until she climaxed and then I was
taken on to the next one. This continued for about an hour or so. Each
one I went to was wetter than the last, probably from sitting watching
in anticipation. They all tasted wonderful, all were slightly different
but they were all delicious. I hated to have this body worship end but
finally I serviced the last on and was then led from the room.

I was taken into the games room and my jailer removed the blindfold and
finally my wrists were released from behind my back. Unfortunately they
were pulled up to an overhead streader bar and re-attached. My ankles
were unhobbled and they were stread wide apart and attached to
ringbolts in the floor. My jailer went to the wall and flicked a switch
and I was lifted up into the air until my body was stretched wide
open. Satisfied with the way I looked she left the room.

Clean Her Pussy With A Tongue

Leaning up on
her elbows Melanie commanded “Do it Slave.” Closing my eyes I ran my
tongue along side her right pussy lip. The taste was different but not
bad. I began licking in earnest, once the bloody discharge was gone
and her pussy was clean. I spread her cunt open and darted my tongue
into the center of her hole. The more I ate her the better she tasted.
Melanie even reached down to hold herself open. She moaned for me to
lick her clit. When she orgasmed the flavor of the juices changed.
When she finally had had enough. She reach down and pulled my face up
and said “Enough for now, attach the clean Kotex. You’ll have to
change me again in four hours.”

Male Bondage Story

My slave training began two months ago when my thirty-seven year old
next door neighbor happened to catch me buying my supply of sanitary
napkins and Tampax. Melanie is a sexy looking lady with a dynamite
body. She had just recently moved into the apartment complex where I
live. I found out after becoming her slave that she works as a legal
secretary and was recently divorced. She said her former husband was a
lousy lover. Only caring about his own orgasms and that at first
she had been hurt by his running off with some young slut. She soon
realized that he was the loser, not her. She sold the big fancy house
he had bought her and move to this apartment complex. She said that she
checked out all the single men when she first moved here. I was the
only one that appealed to her and that she was glad that she caught me
that day in the grocery store.