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Sexy woman domination

She informed me that her guests would be arriving in a few
minutes and that tonight I would used for a coffee table. I was
taken to in front of the couch and in the same crawling position
told not to move. Leather cuffs were put around the tops of each
thigh and my ankle cuffs were brought up and attached. My wrist
cuffs were fastened together with a ten inch chain. My nose ring
was attached to my cock ring, pulling my head down. And then a
large piece of glass was put on my back and was supported by my
feet, my back and my shoulders. Satisfied that I was presentable
I was left alone, trying to get comfortable, for the ordeal

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Upon arrival at her home, a large sprawling mansion out in the
country, I was again put in the walking position and led by a
large black female jailer to my new quarters.
These quarters, unlike the ones that I was used to, were small
and very dark. The bed was small and had a large ring over the
pillows with wrist cuffs attached. There was a toilet and a small
shower. That was about all. I was told to clean myself up and I
would be reporting to my new Mistress in a half hour. I missed my
old home immediately, and the comfort that it provided. In
exactly a half hour my jailer arrived. She told me to assume the
crawling position and informed me that in this house I would
always be transported in that position. A leash was attached to
my collar and another one was attached to my ball collar. I was
told to heel and we made our way to the main livingroom for me to
be inspected. As usual as I crawled, her whip found its mark on
my bare ass as we went.

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When they were taken off I was taken to a custom made bench and laid
down on it. I was strapped in and blindfolded. It was designed so that
a women’s sexual needs could be satisfied. She could straddle my face
either standing or kneeling, straddle my cock kneeling or she could
press a handle and my legs would be spread and lifted so she could fuck
me with a dildo. Or as was happening to me now she could do all of
these things at once. They took turns with me until they had all been
satiated and I was covered in pussy juice and sweat. My penis and balls
ached from not being allowed to come. I just lay there gasping as they
slowly left the room.

My jailer led me back down to my cell and fastened my wrists to my
sides so I couldn’t masturbate. I lay there aching and tried to think
of how this all began.