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Cuckold scene

The next morning I was awakened early and taken to my Mistress
who was eating her breakfast. She told me that tonight she was
having a special guest over and I was going to be the drink
waiter for them and I would start training for it now. I was
taken to a room that was wall to wall leather gear and
attachments. I was told to get up from my crawling position and
to kneel. One wrist was pulled up behind my back and an inch wide
strap was attached to it and then the strap was pulled over my
shoulder and hung on my chest. The same was done to my other
wrist. Then a clear piece of plexiglass about 12 inches by 7
inches was put up to my chest. On one edge was two clips that
attached to my nipples and the other edge had a slot that each of
the leather straps slipped through and then tied. The plexiglass
now became a tray that moved as I moved. Water glasses were put
on it and I could feel their weight on my nipples. I was told to
walk as trained up on my toes and to walk around the room, making
sure not to spill a drop. It took great concentration to keep the
glasses steady. I practiced for about an hour and managed not to
spill very much although my nipples burned from the weight after
the first two minutes. Satisfied that I would perform well enough
I was taken back to the room with all the leather gear and
outfitted for the evening ahead.

Team fucking

She then placed them onto my lips and into my mouth. I sucked the
spicy juice off them and licked her fingers clean. She did it
again only this time as she placed them into my mouth she cracked
a whip across my bare ass. I closed my eyes and absorbed the pain
in order to get all of her juices. She continued this for a few
minutes sometimes making me try to reach her hand, as I struggled
with my bonds to get to her. Every time her fingers entered my
mouth the whip struck. Every time I sucked her fingers the whip
struck again. The control she had over me was so complete and so
delicious, I hoped it would never end.

Female Rules For Her Slave

Falling immediately to my knees I began:

1) I must wear a Kotex and have a Tampax up my ass at all times.
2) During her period, I will wear Melanie’s used Kotex or Tampax.
3) During non-work hours, I must change Melanie’s protection for her.
4) I will lick her pussy on command until it is clean.
5) I will receive an enema at the beginning and end of her period.
6) I will not be allowed to cum unless Melanie jerks me off.
7) I will only be allowed to wear feminine clothes while fucking
8) From then on, I must put on my slave feminine articles, douches,
Tampax, and vaginal lubricants.

Melanie said that if I broke any of the rules I would be punished. And
if I refused to carry out any command she would probably dismiss me as
her slave never to see her again.

Dominate Your Husband

Taking my hands into hers she gazed into my eyes and ask if I wanted to
take my fetish one step further and become her menstrual slave. After
years of fantasizing about women on the rag here was one wanting me to
service her monthly. I quickly agreed. She said my training would
begin the following week when her period was due to start.

The following Wednesday evening Melanie called and put my week-long
nervousness to rest. She wanted me at her apartment, dressed only in a
robe. Upon entering her place Melanie presented me with a list of
rules I must follow to the letter. She said that one of her fantasy
was to have a Slave. She said she had fantasies where the slave was a
man and sometimes the slave was a woman. She ask if I had any such
Dominate fantasies. Telling her no. She ask if I wanted to be her
slave and accept her as my mistress. When I replied “Oh! Yes! Melanie
more than anything.” She ordered me to kneel down and read the list of
rules out loud to her.

Male Bondage Story

My slave training began two months ago when my thirty-seven year old
next door neighbor happened to catch me buying my supply of sanitary
napkins and Tampax. Melanie is a sexy looking lady with a dynamite
body. She had just recently moved into the apartment complex where I
live. I found out after becoming her slave that she works as a legal
secretary and was recently divorced. She said her former husband was a
lousy lover. Only caring about his own orgasms and that at first
she had been hurt by his running off with some young slut. She soon
realized that he was the loser, not her. She sold the big fancy house
he had bought her and move to this apartment complex. She said that she
checked out all the single men when she first moved here. I was the
only one that appealed to her and that she was glad that she caught me
that day in the grocery store.

Four Wives With Their Slaves

This is a story bursting balls and making pussies go wet – dont miss it
I am a dominant wife, and I dearly love to crush the male.
We’ve been married one year. I’m 29 and Gene is 26. I stand
5’10”, measure 37-25-36, and have won several beauty contests.
Gene is 5’7″ and slender, and only his money attracted me. At
age 23, he inherited a thriving business when his parents died;
at 24, he inherited considerable stocks and bonds from an aunt.
When we dated, and I discovered he could be completely dominated,
I decided to share the wealth. He proposed, and learned he would
have to be my slave. He agreed.
Even before the wedding I sought other couples to share fun
and games. I found two perfect pairs. Bill and Ginger are 31;
Don and Phyllis are 30. Each couple is socially prominent and
dedicated to female domination. Bill and Don are big, muscular
men who, unlike Gene, are bisexual. Although I ridicule and
discipline Gene daily, Saturday night he is humiliated and
punished by others. Continue reading Four Wives With Their Slaves