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Male slave whipped

I was
rolled over on my back so that my legs would spread far enough
apart. Then the electric switch was pushed and I started to climb
up in the air, feet first. When my head was about two feet off
the floor the motor stopped. My wrists were then stretched to
ring bolts in the floor leaving me hung spreadeagle upside down.

The women proceeded to draw lots to see who got to whip me first.
I was gagged so that their fun would not be interrupted by my
making a sound. With that, the first lady got up and started the
evenings festivities, landing a riding crop on every part of my
exposed body that she thought would make me writhe for her. The
rest cheered her on as again and again the whip found its mark.
They all took their turns and finally about an hour later I hung
in silence as they went to have a nightcap and bid for who got me
for the night.

Clean Her Pussy With A Tongue

Leaning up on
her elbows Melanie commanded “Do it Slave.” Closing my eyes I ran my
tongue along side her right pussy lip. The taste was different but not
bad. I began licking in earnest, once the bloody discharge was gone
and her pussy was clean. I spread her cunt open and darted my tongue
into the center of her hole. The more I ate her the better she tasted.
Melanie even reached down to hold herself open. She moaned for me to
lick her clit. When she orgasmed the flavor of the juices changed.
When she finally had had enough. She reach down and pulled my face up
and said “Enough for now, attach the clean Kotex. You’ll have to
change me again in four hours.”

Male Bondage Exhaustion

Male Bondage Exhaustion
Isis is the slave driver from your hottest dreams and little billy is the lucky guy under her boot for the day. I quickly agreed to obey her and began my life as a slave. Melanie
began by giving me a soapy enema, followed by the insertion a Tampax
super. My cock was rock hard. Melanie them presented me with a
sanitary napkin belt which I put around my waist. Melanie then lay
down on the bed and commanded me to remove her Kotex. Raising her
skirt I quickly lowered her panties. She even helped by raising her
hips from the bed. Once I had the used pad detached from her belt she
instructed me to attach it to my own. It was still warm from being in
contact with her crotch. Once it was in place my cock seemed to swell
larger. After she works him into a sweat doing manual labor in the Armory basement, she grinds his face into the dirt before chaining him to a wall for a proper beating.
Melanie then order me to get a new sanitary napkin from the
bath room. Returning I stood at the end of the bed. Melanie had put
her feet up on the bed. She now spread her legs widely showing me her
‘Are you a man or a worm?!’ she barks, her whip raining down on him as he squirms on the ground like the invertebrate that she turns him into. A small amount of menstrual fluid had leaked from the lips of
her pussy. She had unbuttoned her blouse and pushed her bra up and was
now playing with her own breast. Pinching the nipples she smiled up at
me and said “Clean the outer lips of my pussy before you attach the new
Kotex to the belt, Slave.” Kneeling at the foot of the bed, I lowered
my head to her crotch. At first I ran my tongue around the edges of
her public hair, not sure if I could go through with it. The beating and humiliation pay off with a very hot fuck from the horny Mistress, and little billy is more than well used when she finally allows him to come.