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Voyeur sex lover

As soon as his convulsions ceased, my wife told him that her
husband would be home any minute and that he had better go. He
quickly thanked her and left the bedroom to collect his clothes
and leave. My wife remained on the bed with her legs spread,
pointed her glistening cunt in my direction. My cock was so hard
now that it felt like I was sitting on a steel pipe. My wife
rose when she knew her visitor had departed and walked over to
the closet. She opened the door and I thought I would soon be
released from my bonds, But I was wrong.

Male Bondage Story

My slave training began two months ago when my thirty-seven year old
next door neighbor happened to catch me buying my supply of sanitary
napkins and Tampax. Melanie is a sexy looking lady with a dynamite
body. She had just recently moved into the apartment complex where I
live. I found out after becoming her slave that she works as a legal
secretary and was recently divorced. She said her former husband was a
lousy lover. Only caring about his own orgasms and that at first
she had been hurt by his running off with some young slut. She soon
realized that he was the loser, not her. She sold the big fancy house
he had bought her and move to this apartment complex. She said that she
checked out all the single men when she first moved here. I was the
only one that appealed to her and that she was glad that she caught me
that day in the grocery store.

Four Wives With Their Slaves

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I am a dominant wife, and I dearly love to crush the male.
We’ve been married one year. I’m 29 and Gene is 26. I stand
5’10”, measure 37-25-36, and have won several beauty contests.
Gene is 5’7″ and slender, and only his money attracted me. At
age 23, he inherited a thriving business when his parents died;
at 24, he inherited considerable stocks and bonds from an aunt.
When we dated, and I discovered he could be completely dominated,
I decided to share the wealth. He proposed, and learned he would
have to be my slave. He agreed.
Even before the wedding I sought other couples to share fun
and games. I found two perfect pairs. Bill and Ginger are 31;
Don and Phyllis are 30. Each couple is socially prominent and
dedicated to female domination. Bill and Don are big, muscular
men who, unlike Gene, are bisexual. Although I ridicule and
discipline Gene daily, Saturday night he is humiliated and
punished by others. Continue reading Four Wives With Their Slaves