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Clean Her Pussy With A Tongue

Leaning up on
her elbows Melanie commanded “Do it Slave.” Closing my eyes I ran my
tongue along side her right pussy lip. The taste was different but not
bad. I began licking in earnest, once the bloody discharge was gone
and her pussy was clean. I spread her cunt open and darted my tongue
into the center of her hole. The more I ate her the better she tasted.
Melanie even reached down to hold herself open. She moaned for me to
lick her clit. When she orgasmed the flavor of the juices changed.
When she finally had had enough. She reach down and pulled my face up
and said “Enough for now, attach the clean Kotex. You’ll have to
change me again in four hours.”

Female Rules For Her Slave

Falling immediately to my knees I began:

1) I must wear a Kotex and have a Tampax up my ass at all times.
2) During her period, I will wear Melanie’s used Kotex or Tampax.
3) During non-work hours, I must change Melanie’s protection for her.
4) I will lick her pussy on command until it is clean.
5) I will receive an enema at the beginning and end of her period.
6) I will not be allowed to cum unless Melanie jerks me off.
7) I will only be allowed to wear feminine clothes while fucking
8) From then on, I must put on my slave feminine articles, douches,
Tampax, and vaginal lubricants.

Melanie said that if I broke any of the rules I would be punished. And
if I refused to carry out any command she would probably dismiss me as
her slave never to see her again.

Dominate Your Husband

Taking my hands into hers she gazed into my eyes and ask if I wanted to
take my fetish one step further and become her menstrual slave. After
years of fantasizing about women on the rag here was one wanting me to
service her monthly. I quickly agreed. She said my training would
begin the following week when her period was due to start.

The following Wednesday evening Melanie called and put my week-long
nervousness to rest. She wanted me at her apartment, dressed only in a
robe. Upon entering her place Melanie presented me with a list of
rules I must follow to the letter. She said that one of her fantasy
was to have a Slave. She said she had fantasies where the slave was a
man and sometimes the slave was a woman. She ask if I had any such
Dominate fantasies. Telling her no. She ask if I wanted to be her
slave and accept her as my mistress. When I replied “Oh! Yes! Melanie
more than anything.” She ordered me to kneel down and read the list of
rules out loud to her.

Hubby In Bondage

No sooner had I arrived home when Melanie, the neighbor and now my
mistress, was at my door. She quickly got down to business, telling me
that she knew I was not married and that she had never seen any women
enter or leave my apartment. She ask about my fetish saying that she
had a few herself. I somewhat sheepishly confessed that since my
college days I have enjoyed wearing certain feminine products. I
described how the soft cotton of a sanitary napkin against my balls was
wonderful and how going out in public with a Kotex between my legs and
a Tampax up my ass would keep my cock hard for. She was so easy to
talk too and so understanding. She did not try and put me down for my
fetish and I soon confessed to other little quirk I had. I told her
that I sometimes wore women lace panties and that the sanitary napkins
kept me from staining them when I would suddenly have a climax just
thinking about women wearing them too.

Electro Domination by Mistress Sativa Rose

Electro Sex Domination
Cruel Mistress Sativa Rose puts the juice to nomad in this typically sexy as hell update. She shocks the shit out of his cock but makes it all better with some special oral attention from her super sexy mouth. Watch her sucking him off and making him moan and begging for more. The electro sex continues through restrictive bondage, ass worship and finishes off with nomad tied to a filthy mattress for the dream fuck of his year. Check it out