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First Meeting Sex Story

You walk in warily, not knowing quite what to expect. I say nothing,
just taking your hand and leading you through the doorway. After you
pass, I close the door behind you and throw the bolt.

You jump a bit as the spring latch slams home, and look back at me. I
only smile and wink.

You look around; you’ve never been in my bedroom before. You look at
the mess on the floor, look back at me, but I only shrug and smile.
You watch me light some of the oil lamps, your smile slowly growing on
your face.

I turn off the light and we are bathed in the soft, gentle glow of the

Still standing, I walk over to you and gaze into your eyes.
Nonchalantly, almost flippantly, I take off my glasses and drop them
on the dresser. Easily, oh so easily, I put my arms around your
waist, and you put your arms around my neck.

Gently, hesitantly, we kiss.

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Dominant Wife 3-way story

Archive-name: Slaves/3femdom.txt
Archive-author: D.B.
Archive-title: Dominant Wife 3-way

I am a dominant wife, and I dearly love to crush the male.
We’ve been married one year. I’m 29 and Gene is 26. I stand
5’10”, measure 37-25-36, and have won several beauty contests.
Gene is 5’7″ and slender, and only his money attracted me. At
age 23, he inherited a thriving business when his parents died;
at 24, he inherited considerable stocks and bonds from an aunt.
When we dated, and I discovered he could be completely dominated,
I decided to share the wealth. He proposed, and learned he would
have to be my slave. He agreed.
Even before the wedding I sought other couples to share fun
and games. I found two perfect pairs. Bill and Ginger are 31;
Don and Phyllis are 30. Each couple is socially prominent and
dedicated to female domination. Bill and Don are big, muscular
men who, unlike Gene, are bisexual. Although I ridicule and
discipline Gene daily, Saturday night he is humiliated and
punished by others.
We arrive at Ginger’s house about 9 pm. Each wife prepares
her slave in a separate room. I know Bill and Don will wear
rubber jockstraps and be unbound. I make Gene strip, fold his
arms up against his back, and with cuffs and short chains I lock
his hands to a collar. Naked and helpless, he is marched into
the game room to stand at attention near us. Don and Bill,
making drinks, pause and run their eyes warmly over Gene’s body.
The men kneel alongside our chairs while we three girls
visit. Soon I designate one of the men to watch Gene and report
if he relaxes his attention pose. When he does, Ginger or
Phyllis gives him several hard swats with a paddle. One of them
suggests nipple rings as further punishment. A heavy steel ring
is snapped onto the tip of each nipple, and Gene’s penis rises
and swells instantly. We girls laugh at his slim six inches and
I tell him how inept he is as a lover.
Before long it is swap time. The men are handcuffed, and I
take Bill to a bedroom, peel off the jock, and he kneels and eats
cunt until I climax. He then lies on his back and I straddle him
from above. His thick, long penis feels wonderful inside me and
we explode together. He kneels, and while I whip his ass we make
a date to be together during the week.
Back in the game room, I see Gene’s ass and thighs marked
with whip lines and Ginger tells us how he pleaded when she
twisted the nipple rings. We all laugh at him. We swap again,
and this time I put Don through his paces. He has a really big
cock and enormous staying power, and I ride him hard, using a
strap on him at the same time. Then he licks me clean, I get him
up again, and while I ride we talk a bit, making fun of Gene, and
planning a date together.
Afterward, the two men are released while Gene, still
chained, stands at attention. We have drinks and discuss the
slaves’ performances; Gene suffers by comparison.
I go up to him and twist a nipple ring until he moans. I
remind him he is not to speak, so I gag him. His eyes betray his
fear. I ask the girls if their slave would enjoy playing master
a while. They agree to permit it. The men kiss our feet in
thanks. One picks up a studded leather strap, the other a small
whip, and each hook a finger through a nipple ring. I damn near
climax with joy watching Gene, naked and helpless, being taken
away for an hour by the two big muscular men.
Ginger, Phyllis, and I talk about the men, our love of
domination, and make plans for special games next time.
Meanwhile, Gene is being put through hell.
He’s a wonderful, wretched sight when they drag him back.
Covered with whip lines, ass swollen and flaming, walking as if
his balls were crushed. He must stand before us while the men
describe what they did.
Finally we go home. Gene rides naked and chained, not
knowing if I’ll release him at home, or let him sleep chained, or
put him through fun and games of my own. Whatever I do, he knows
that next week he will have to endure another evening, and that
is his role as my slave

D.B., Illinois from Variations II spring 1978