Mistress Harmony whips and fucks her slave story

Mistress Harmony has a kept pet that she takes out to play with when she is feeling mean and horny. Tonight, her mood is dark as she pulls ‘lefty’ from the cage and tests his resolve with her own style own pain, humiliation and sex. Mistress toys with lefty’s libido using CBT, whippings, bondage and ass fucking till she takes her fill of his hard cock to satisfy herself. When she finally allows his come to spill, it is all over her beautiful body, and her boy toy is put away for another day’s play.

The story

She stood, balanced, though just barely. By force of will, the
naked girl tried to remain absolutely motionless. But to do that
was almost impossible. It was the point of her bondage, of

She stood erect, her legs spread wide by a metal bar strapped
between her ankles forcing them apart. Her arms were pulled
behind her back, strapped together at the elbows and wrists
forcing her breasts forward.

Her long blonde hair cascaded down her bound arms all the way to
her slim waist. She was gagged, her mouth stuffed with a penis
gag and covered by a thick leather strap. Otherwise she was
completely nude.

That was the standard stuff, in and of itself arousing as it
silenced and commanded her naked body, offering her charms in
wanton invitation. But there was more tonight – much more!

On each of her erect nipples was a small spring-clamp. These
connected to a thin leather strap, which then connected together
in a heavier strap. This went up to the ceiling rafter and over a
pulley there. At the other end of this strap from her nipples,
dangling just a few feet in front of the girl, was a metal
weight. It rested no more than an inch above a box with a metal
plate on it’s top. In fact, if the girl weren’t leaning back and
away, her taut breasts pulling at the strap, the weight would
rest on the box. The girl arched herself backward, trembling,
struggling to keep the weight away from the box. She had good
reason to.

From the box ran a wire connected to a pole. The pole jutted up
from the floor, gleaming metal. It’s end, a dildo, was planted
deep in the girl’s cunt. It was thick and stretched the lips of
her pussy wide. It was shiny with her juices. If she slumped
forward, relaxing her pose, the weight would drop down onto the
box, completing an electrical circuit. When the circuit was
completed, the box would send a mild shock to the dildo – just a
few volts but enough to make the girl squirm from it’s fiery
bite. If the weight stayed on the box, the current would continue
for twenty seconds, stop for twenty seconds, then start again,
and so on, until the connection was broken.

So she had a choice, this girl in bondage. She could yank at the
strap, causing the clamps to bite at her nipples, or relax and
send the shock ripping into her cunt. When that happened, she
found that her writhings on the end of her perch set her pussy

She would buck and squirm, and the weight would bob up and down
and nick the plate, and then the shock would hit her like a
whip lash.

But she couldn’t take much of the shock, so, in spite of her
arousal, she would arch he naked body, pulling the weight away
from the box. Back and forth she would sway, slumping from
exhaustion, moaning into her gag when she heard the clank of the
metal plates making contact, then steeling herself for the shock
to her cunt. Her body glistened with sweat. Her hair flailed
about her as she shook her head and bit down on the rubber penis
in her mouth and willed herself into a balanced posture.

The man stood in the doorway watching her. She blushed in shame
when he entered, then lost her concentration and slumped forward.
Then she arched beautifully and wailed in desperation as the
current pulsed into her pussy. She was a hot bitch, naked and
bound and whipped into a frenzy by his clever torment. And the
fact that she herself determined what happened, in a helpless,
tormented way, only added to her stimulation.

He was contemplating a new addition to her bondage torment. He
rummaged through a dresser and came up with two small boxes, also
dangling wires. He connected these wires to two small jacks in
the bigger box, then bent down between his captive’s splayed

“Up on your toes,” he commanded. The girl moaned but obeyed,
arching up on her toes till her heels cleared the floor. The man
slipped one of the smaller boxes under each heel. Each box had a
small button on it’s top, no more than a half inch from the
girl’s foot. If she dropped down from her toes, the heel would
push the button.

“Better stay as you are, my sweet,” the man teased. “If either
heel touches those buttons, it’ll up the voltage to your cunt
another notch. Keep your feet down and it’ll keep upping the

The girl groaned deeply in frustration and agony as she heard
this. It was hard to stay on her toes with her legs spread so
wide and with her torso arched. But she would try. She didn’t
want the shocks to get any worse.

“It’s ten o’clock,” the man said. “What do you say I leave you
here until – oh, I don’t know – how about midnight?”

The girl looked at him in horror, shook her head no, and moaned
into the gag. She wasn’t watching the weight as she did this, and
it dropped and touched the box. The shock hit her, and she
snapped to attention and arched backwards in response. Too far
backwards. She got her weight back and dropped off her tiptoes,
and her heels – both of them – hit the buttons. She squirmed anew
as the current surged a little higher until, after twenty long
seconds, it stopped. She was panting, her breath ragged and her
nostrils flaring. Even though the current had stopped, she kept
squirming on the dildo, aroused, sp hot she didn’t care for
anything except the orgasm about to burst through her loins.

Her writhings took her forward again, and the weight touched
down. This shock pushed her over the brink. She would not be
denied. Head back, wailing into the gag, fingers scratching at
her ass, her hips twitching, she came with an all-consuming
violence. Wave after wave rippled through her body, which bucked
and writhed in erotic abandon.

The man admired the naked beauty spasming before him. Her head
was thrown back, and she shook it back and forth as she came. Her
blonde mane floated behind her. Her eyes were closed, and a deep,
low moan came from her gagged mouth. Her breasts heaved and
jiggled, the weight scraped along the box, and her torso writhed
delightfully. Her loins pumped furoiusly at the dildo-pole, her
juices dripping down it’s shiny thick length. She was a spectacle
of unchecked eroticism. She was beautiful. She was his.

When her climax subsided, she slumped again and fell heavily onto
her heels, only to arch upwards again when yet another shock hit.
She looked through hooded eyes, her mind and body saturated with
the intensity of her pain and pleasure.

Her master smiled at her, flicked off the lights, and closed the
door, leaving her to her aroused frenzy of torment.

“Until one,” he thought to himself. “I’ll leave her there until
one o’clock.” By then, he knew she’d be ready for his next little