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Upon arrival at her home, a large sprawling mansion out in the
country, I was again put in the walking position and led by a
large black female jailer to my new quarters.
These quarters, unlike the ones that I was used to, were small
and very dark. The bed was small and had a large ring over the
pillows with wrist cuffs attached. There was a toilet and a small
shower. That was about all. I was told to clean myself up and I
would be reporting to my new Mistress in a half hour. I missed my
old home immediately, and the comfort that it provided. In
exactly a half hour my jailer arrived. She told me to assume the
crawling position and informed me that in this house I would
always be transported in that position. A leash was attached to
my collar and another one was attached to my ball collar. I was
told to heel and we made our way to the main livingroom for me to
be inspected. As usual as I crawled, her whip found its mark on
my bare ass as we went.

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On the day I was transported I was led in the usual manner to my
new Mistresses limousine. I was placed on the floor in the large
back seat, in a crawling position. My wrists and ankles were
attached to rings in the floor of the car. My collar was attached
by a chain to a ring on the door, and my balls were looped and a
chain attached to a ring on the other door. Of course I could not
move. I was offered my new Mistresses beautiful feet to worship
while we traveled. I was also used as a footstool on the two hour

Male bondage

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Sometimes different members of the Society would trade slaves or
exchange for a while because some were better at certain areas of
male training while others were better at others. They believed
that a well rounded slave should fit right in at whose ever home
he was assigned to. For this reason and because my Mistress was
going out of town on business for a month or two I was being sent
over to her friends home. There, I was told I would learn the art
of serving a very strict mistress. I was also told that this
mistress very much liked the idea of a slave on display to serve
a useful function. In short I would come back in a month well
versed in the art of being furniture, useful and ornate.

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As the day wears on my jailer will untie me from the post and use
about a five foot lead and make me prance around her. Since I am
so close to her she disciplines me immediately at any wrong move
I may make. I turn in a circle around her and can feel the whip
poised at my ass ready to strike. This does wonders in keeping me
focused on my duties.
I am told that soon I will be decked out in leather harnesses and
bells and will be pulling my Mistress around in her carriage as
soon as I am fully trained.

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Helpless slave

For the last few months I have been taken by my jailer over to
the back part of the house and outside to a ring that used to be
used to train horses. In the center of the ring is a post about
six feet high with rods about ten feet long coming from the top,
parallel to the ground. I am led to one of the rods, and a
harness is placed over my head with a bit gag attached. My arms
are drawn up behing my back and fastened to my collar. I am then
instructed to walk on my toes with my knees coming up level with
my waist with each step. Then the motor is started at the post
and the rods turn in a circle around the post. Since I’m attached
I also go in a circle. My Mistress often comes out to watch me
and she and my jailer sit in the shade as I prance by them by the
hour. When ever I make a mistake the whip soon finds its way to
my naked ass.

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My jailer on the other hand has taken me during the night to her
room and has played with me and fucked me and even allowed me to
come. She doesn’t believe in the women’s society but she does
enjoy having a male toy to play with. She loves to parade me
around while she whips me but she enjoys the power for sexual
reasons, not for some new world order. During my whipping she
also likes to caress me and whip me at the same time so as to
heighten the pain pleasure game she plays, but there is never any
doubt who is in charge and she never lets me forget it.

My Mistress uses me in an entirely different way. To her I am a
slave, to be abused and tortured in any way she likes. She enjoys
tieing me on different apparatuses and adding clips and weights
to me and then leaving me to suffer in front of her. She loves to
see me squirm and suffer in my bondage. To her it is not sexual
it is just raw power. She loves to tie me in ways that one part
of my body when fastened to another part causes great distress.
When I try to move I just pull on another sensitive body part.
She just sits in front of me and sketches me for her magazine.

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My jailer was in charge of my day to day activities. Her other
duties included looking after the female slaves that were used
for grooming and for the housework. These females were quite
young and had been purchased by my Mistress after her Society had
deemed them not acceptable for the new world order. They had been
observed being subservient to men and chasing after them in their
daily lives and this had so enraged the Society that they had
kidnapped them and turned them into slaves. Because they were
seen as traitors to womanhood they were treated as less than
human. In the social order they were ranked less than male

My jailer treated them in this manner and at night you could hear
their screams come from the punishment room. Both my Mistress and
my jailer took great delight in the continued torture of these
young women. They were never seen during the Society meetings, I
was the only entertainment then, but on any other night they were
put through hell on the special devices that my Mistress had
invented to punish their betrayal to womanhood.

She had them circumcised and had rings pierced through their
pussy lips and then locked the rings together so that they could
not masturbate or pleasure each other. Any attempt to have sex
together and they would face the most horrible of tortures
imaginable. I had heard of these things from the grooming slaves
who shaved me every other day.

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She drew slowly as I hung before her. She talked about her new world
order, and how there would be no crime. She said that males had ruined
the world and that women and the planet had been victims for too long.
She talked about her Society being a leader in the eventual control of
men and how they would be put to the use that they were intended for,
hard work and pleasing women. She talked about keeping men strong and
in good shape, not feminizing them. She believed in strong women
controlling strong men.

She commented on my progress saying that I was becoming quite useful.
She mentioned that my predecessor had died on the cross that I was on.
He had attacked one of her guests one day, so she had him crucified in
front of everyone, the guests and the other slaves. She said he had
taken a few days to die and it was very painful and if I ever did
anything like it I would face the same fate.

With that she stood up, showed me the drawing and called for the jailer
to take me down.

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When I awoke the morning after the party, breakfast was brought to me
and I was unfastened and told to eat and shower. My jailer said she
would return in an hour and I was to be taken to the garden. I assumed
this was so I could be sketched. My Mistress like to put me into
bondage and sit before me and sketch me for articles in her magazine.
She felt that the more women could see how wonderful it was to see a
naked male in bondage, the more would join her in her quest for female

I was taken from my cell in the usual bondage position for walking and
led to the garden. My Mistress was already sitting in her chair and I
knelt to kiss her feet. She told my jailer to crucify me and she would
ber back in a few minutes. I was tied onto a large mechanical cross and
she pulled a lever and I was lifted upright. My wrists were fastened on
the crossbeams and my ankles were tied to rings near the base, about a
foot off the ground. At first it was quite uncomfortable but it slowly
became extremely painful. My Mistress came back and waited until I was
stretched in a lot of pain before she began to sketch.

Male Bondage

Over the next few weeks I was under the constant supervision and
training by my jailer. How to walk, how to kneel, how to sit and
overall how to be subservient. I was shown the proper way to service
their bodies with my tongue, and how to worship their feet. And every
night I was hung and whipped to reinforce their control over me. One
night my Mistress appeared and fastened me up and made a ceremony out
of piercing me and inserting rings into my nose, nipples and through my
cock. Then she took delight in leading me throughout the house with

The next few weeks passed rather fast as I got a grasp on what my role
was and what my chores were to be. I slowly began to forget my previous
life and concentrate on the many new things I was being taught.

Her Property

An announcement was given and they proceeded to auction us off. It was
unbelievable. One by one we were put up on the block and the women bid
on us. When my Mistress out bid the others for me I was hauled away and
transported to her mansion.

That night I was brought before her in bondage and ordered to kneel at
her feet. I was informed that unless I did exactly as she ordered I
would be killed. My life was starting anew and my sole purpose in life
was to serve her whenever she wished. I was her property and she had
the bill of sale to prove it. All the trappings of my masculine power
were going to be removed. To further enhance my nakedness, all the hair
on my head and body would be removed. Rings would pierce my body so I
could be controlled and led easier. In case I ever thought of
disobeying her or trying to overpower her a small device would be
implanted inside my body that she could trigger by remote control. The
electrical charge from that device would immediately bring me to my
knees. She wore the control on her hand and it looked like a large
ring. With that I was led away.

Men In Bondage

A little over a year ago, I had been a fairly successful ad executive,
working all day and hanging out in singles bars all night. I had a
steady girlfriend but I used her mainly for sex and only paid attention
to her when I was horny. One night while I was out on the town, I was
picked by a woman who invited me back to her apartment. Naturally I
went and when settled in and she gave me a drink. The drink was drugged
and when I awoke I was naked and laying in a steel cage. After many
hours I was given some food and as I found out it too was drugged.

When I was awakened I was immediately blindfolded and led to a large
room. I was tied hand and foot and a rope was fastened around my neck.
Then the blindfold was taken off. Beside me, in a long row were about
ten other men. We were all standing tall with our hands behind our
backs, and a noose around our necks. If we tried to move were were only
strangling ourselves. After a while a group of women filed and began to
look us over. If we spoke our noose was lifted and were pulled up
higher onto our toes. We quickly got the idea to keep our mouths shut
while the women prodded us and grabbed us by the balls.

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When they were taken off I was taken to a custom made bench and laid
down on it. I was strapped in and blindfolded. It was designed so that
a women’s sexual needs could be satisfied. She could straddle my face
either standing or kneeling, straddle my cock kneeling or she could
press a handle and my legs would be spread and lifted so she could fuck
me with a dildo. Or as was happening to me now she could do all of
these things at once. They took turns with me until they had all been
satiated and I was covered in pussy juice and sweat. My penis and balls
ached from not being allowed to come. I just lay there gasping as they
slowly left the room.

My jailer led me back down to my cell and fastened my wrists to my
sides so I couldn’t masturbate. I lay there aching and tried to think
of how this all began.

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A while passed and suddenly my Mistress entered the room followed by
the rest of the women. They were dressed for business. All wore leather
halters and outfits sure to make a man shrink. Unfortunatly for me I
just got harder. They circled me and my Mistress announced she was
going to give a lecture on how to properly whip a male slave. She began
with a riding crop and continued with a cat-o-nine-tails. I was ordered
to count her strokes and was crying out after the first ten. She
continued, expertly finding places to intensify the pain.

After about eighty, I hung before them limp and soaked. To finish up,
she gave them each a turn of five each. Finally I was released form
suspension and given some water. No sooner had I devoured it, I was
retied with my wrists up behind my back again and my ankles hobbled.
I was informed that I was going to walk the gauntlet. Two lines of
women were formed, four on each side and they spread at least an arms
width apart. At one end was my Mistress and the other my jailer. I was
ordered to walk high on my toes towards my Mistress and when I got
there she would place a clothes pin on my body. I was then to turn
around and walk back to my jailer who did the same thing. This was to
repeat until all the clothes pins were attached to my body. To make
matters worse as I walked back and forth between the lines of women
they took turns in whipping me as I passed them, each taking a turn at
marking my body. To the delight of the guests, this torture carried on
for what seemed like hours, until I carrying with me all the clothes
pins. My nipples and my balls were screaming for relief.

Heavy Male Bondage

With that my Mistress went to check on dinner and I was left to hang in
front of everyone. I could see myself in the mirror as I slowly
circled, and I wondered what they had in store for me after dinner.

When they went in to eat I was left hanging but after about an hour I
was taken down and ordered onto my knees. I was then blindfolded and
led crawling into another room. I was placed between the legs of one of
the women and my head was forced into her pussy. I hungrily licked and
ate her warm wet vagina and clit until she climaxed and then I was
taken on to the next one. This continued for about an hour or so. Each
one I went to was wetter than the last, probably from sitting watching
in anticipation. They all tasted wonderful, all were slightly different
but they were all delicious. I hated to have this body worship end but
finally I serviced the last on and was then led from the room.

I was taken into the games room and my jailer removed the blindfold and
finally my wrists were released from behind my back. Unfortunately they
were pulled up to an overhead streader bar and re-attached. My ankles
were unhobbled and they were stread wide apart and attached to
ringbolts in the floor. My jailer went to the wall and flicked a switch
and I was lifted up into the air until my body was stretched wide
open. Satisfied with the way I looked she left the room.