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The very sexy Dragonlily is back and wildbill is her willing victim in a set of sultry dominance that leaves bill begging for release. But first the pain. Dragonlily uses cold steel to stretch his balls and torment his libido, and hard bondage to molest his mouth and throat with a huge dick on a stick. Gagging and drooling, bill begs for a taste of her beautiful tits and she takes pity on him, but quickly turns him over for a brutal ass fucking and torturous hand job.

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today we are back with some slave boy.
For all you guys that ever got drunk in a bar made an ass of yourself by hitting on and grabbing some girl’s ass, let this update be a lesson for you. Nomad wakes up the next day and finds himself hung-over, in a strange place, and at the mercy of two very mean, pissed off and horny bitches. Harmony and Penny Flame take out all their aggression towards those drunken assholes in the bar on the hapless Nomad, and they get off doing it.

He is tied up, sadistically beaten, fucked in his tight ass, slapped, and used for their sadistic sexual pleasure.

When his raging hard cock is finally forced to cum, he is made to squirt in their hands …then they feed him with his own cum.
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Mistress Sandra Romain’s command of the male anatomy is made painfully clear as she casually hangs weights from her prisoner’s stretched cock and balls during her interrogation. She is mercilessly taunting and sexy, and leaves the poor boy straining to find the words to please the demanding Mistress. Of course, no words suffice. She moves him into a position to receive her cock in his ass, but not before beating him to a ripe cherry color. His moans and pleading are met with a brutal ass fucking, and when she tires of this, she uses his face and cock for her pleasure. After the prisoner helplessly spills his load all over her beautiful tits, she forces him to lick her clean and leaves him lapping up the last drops of semen from the spanking bench.

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Well folks I know we are all crazy for femdom sex. I used to have a mistress a month ago who punished me right in my office while I was sitting in from of my pc. I was mad for the first time but she said she will pay me back with something I really want…so this story reminds me Isis
Isis turns the tables on this pushy office executive when his condescending attitude gets out of hand. She quickly teaches him the meaning of the word humility when she ties him up, beats him and fucks him in the ass. She gets off on her bosses face jammed in her ass and pussy, and finally takes her fill of his miserable cock before forcing him to sign off on raises for all the females in the company.
Great sex! When I come back at men in pain for my evening delight I member my mistress and now I see I am not alone and it looks like you gonna like it ;)))

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Good Mistress Sativa Rose puts the juice to nomad in this typically sexy as hell update. She electro shocks the shit out of his cock but makes it slightly all better with some special oral sucking attention from her soft lips and super sexy mouth. The electro sex continues through restrictive bondage, ass worship and finishes off with nomad tied to a filthy mattress for the dream fuck of his year.

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Miss Lee’s skirt is a little too short for little billy to resist, and his roving eyes land him more than a mouthful of what is under that delightful, pleated article. Face sitting with his balls on a leash, gagged, strung up and whipped, fucked in the ass and eventually fucked silly, little billy does his best to keep Mistress Lee happy and satisfied.

Slave Of Two Ladies

Brenda and Becky have started a house cleaning service.. they are both
young and very pretty.. but rather tall girls.. Brenda is 5’9″ 145 blonde,
blue eyes and Becky is 5’10” 150 brown hair and eyes.
They started cleaning my apartment several weeks ago and in the
process found some of my books on bondage and female domination…as
well as some of my notes from various telecomm companies
(conversations saved from online meetings). They were real cool about
these things and didn’t let me know they had found them until it was
too late… Continue reading Slave Of Two Ladies